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Over the years, the EACC has made all efforts to provide quality educational opportunities for our students at little to no cost. Students who participate in our programs never pay for college credit or industry certifications, but with increased expectations from the state, costs associated with offering high quality career and technical education continue to rise. In an effort to shield our families from increased costs, the EACC is introducing an annual sponsorship opportunity for our community partners that will help support student organizations and associated activities. Donations will exclusively be dedicated for activities that extend and recognize further development of academic and technical skills. Interested partners can determine if funds will be used to support the overall EACC student body or be directed to support programs associated with specific career paths.  

Thank you to our generous 2022-2023 sponsors! 

EACC Sponsor - Bane-Welker
EACC Sponsor - NIBCO
EACC Sponsor - Beacon
EACC Sponsor - BAEC
EACC Sponsor - Gurley Leep
EACC Sponsor - Marson


Interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities? We'd love to talk! Contact:

Brandon Eakins, Director

Sponsorship Levels