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EACC Curriculum

The foundation of EACC’s curriculum is Indiana’s Next Level Programs of Study. Each program of study contains a 4-course sequence that progresses from general to specific:

  1. Principles Course
  2. Concentrator A
  3. Concentrator B
  4. Capstone

The principles course sets the foundation for a career pathway and includes content that is applicable to multiple, closely related programs of study. Through the concentrator courses, students acquire the core occupational skills needed for a particular occupation. After completion of the principles and concentrator coursework, students can participate in work-based learning as their capstone. Principle and concentrator courses are embedded into Year 1 curriculum and instruction, while students in Year 2 can continue to grow through additional classroom instruction and work-based learning.

Program curriculum is also guided by each program’s Advisory Board - a group of local industry experts who help ensure that programming is applicable to ever-changing local industry needs.

Curious what the curriculum looks like for your industry? Here's a link to the 900-page NLPS Review Document that outlines each program's curriculum: NLPS Review Document